Finding a Partial Van Builder

Hola :slight_smile: I’m still in the research, budget, more research phase of vanlife. I would love to do the whole build myself, but have zero experience. What’s the best way to find a builder? But a builder who will only do some parts of the build (the parts that I can’t afford to do wrong) and will still allow me to do a lot of the build myself? Can one hire professionals just by the “project” (ex: building the fixed shower or electric part)

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Since money is a concern, I’d suggest a dirt cheap, move in ready, older motorhome. Generally speaking I can buy one, then complete any necessary repairs or maintenance all for under $2500, and have a beautiful, reliable, and comfortable home on wheels.


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I had a friend who wanted the exact same, and we found a conversion shop that was happy to do a part build. We found them on Facebook I believe. :slight_smile: I hope you find your builder in shiny armour!

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Thanks! I’ll try searching on there… was it a certain group you found them in or just a general page for a shop? I’m most likely building in Indiana, and middle of winter so not many takers :sweat_smile: haha

I’m in Europe so a little disconnected from the US I am afraid, but there’s several vanlife pages, including some specifically for the US. There may be help. That’s where the conversion companies often roam. :smiley:

There are a TON of really helpful YouTube videos out there that go into a lot of detail. I would recommend watching as many as you can and give it a shot. You would be surprised at what you can learn and do. Then if it seems a little overwhelming, find someone to help you out. Good luck!

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