Financing a complete van purchase?

A friend of mine and I have embarked on a Sprinter Van conversion business and we have completed our first build, the details of which I can provide at if anyone requests. Right now our pressing concern is financing for our potential buyer. He want’s the van but is exploring various ways to pay for it.

Does anyone have any experience, tips, or suggestions regarding financing the purchase of a fully converted, self sustaining, off-grid 2021 Mercedes 170WB?

Thank you for any assistance!

Maybe a personal loan or possibly through a dealer. I’ve not heard of people financing non professionally or uncertified RV’s. Typically you finance one from a dealer and build it out or pay someone to do so. Perhaps check with some of the other more well known builders? Not sure who those would be though.

You’re essentially buying a used car from a private party. Perhaps you could get a private party loan, but I doubt the additions would make it worth more than the value of just the van without upgrades.

Thank you. We’re not buying it though, we’re selling it. We are a licensed dealer, the van is untitled, will be sold as new. As we are taking this step by step, the next step I am taking is lining up lending companies for our prospective and future buyers. I appreciate your response.

A licensed dealer for cars, vans, converted RV’s? Just curious as iI wonder how that works. Will it be tilted as a sprinter, or whatever the name was that it was converted to i.e. (winnabego)?

I understood that you were the ones building out the van, but if you’re a licensed dealer wouldn’t you already have finance companies that you work with, being that dealers are in the habit of selling things?

I believe most people on this forum are here for DIY. You could always try to list it on FB marketplace or one of the other vanlife marketplaces and find a buyer willing to pay cash.

Good day @Caveman!

I am a person currently struggling from the other side. Wanting to buy a van and not having the money, looking for a way to finance it in some way with a low monthly budget.

From your side I could imagine, that there are some legal services or even banks who make the third party in between your deal, ensuring everything goes fair and well.

Maybe ask a bank, they are in the end the ones who provide the loans?

I would like to stay in contact with you to know how you ended up solving this if you want? I am a complete newbie to this forum. Don’t know to exchange numbers or text in this group private chat?

Let me know and good luck!!

PS Maybe I am interested in a build from you if you offer financing options!


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