Finally decided to get van for road trips and camping!

I’m 19 just got back from a gap year in Australia and now that i’m back in Canada to start Uni I’m looking to purchase a ‘starter van’ for camping in and the occasional road trip with friends. I’m not looking to live in it just to have one for while I’m in Uni for weekend adventures so i’m looking at a 2003 Honda Odyssey with 285,000 kms for a little under two grand. Any advice on converting a van into being sleep-able without doing a full on van build would be appreciated!

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Greetings & Welcome!

A camping cot or 2 is cheap and simple and allows underneath storage.


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A nice cot, ice chest, grill (gas or charcoal), you’re good to go!
There is another Canadian that goes by vancityvanlife (? i gotta look it up) If you watch his first 1 or 2 videos, he started very simple.