Figured I'd join the fun!


Hey guys! Recently got bit by the vanlife bug. My wife and I bought a 1988 Ford econoline conversion van that we’ve been transforming into our adventure mobile.
I love using forums for learning and sharing information, usually I’m just reading them,but this time I want to be apart of it. So glad to be here!



Greetings & Welcome!

Looks like your doggy is good with the idea and ready to go!



Welcome to the forum!!

When do you y’all plan on hitting the road? and are you guys going to be living full time?

Also, if your still converting your van you should document your build here on the forum. It’ll really help a lot of people out!


Welcome to the group! This is probably the most important part of the traveling lifestyle.
Being able to communicate with others who are out there living the life. We ALL, can use some advice or just being able to chat about day to day subjects is one thing you will soon learn is invaluable. And one other aspect is your input in areas you are good in helps another person. Its a chain reaction effect. So jump in and great having you.



Amen to this! I have found great joy and a feeling of being useful since semi retirement, by helping others. Made tons of new friends too!