Fiat Ducato L4H3 exact CAD drawings or at least true dimensions info needed

With so many people building their motorhomes based on Ducato 4035XL H3 (the longest and the tallest model), I am surprised that it is difficult to find a CAD drawing (preferably SketchUp) of this van. I need true and exact dimensions, and what manufacturer provides is not sufficient to plan the layout. For example, the manufacturer states that the cargo area width is 1870 mm, however, it is not clear what this measurement refers to: is it between the inner surfaces of the skin or is it between the side ribs that support the structure? The CAD drawings I found so far do not reproduce 1870 mm on any of these two options, which tells me that they are not authorative. Does someone have true-to-life CAD drawing? I can’t imagine with so many people building on this platform nobody has good quality CAD drawing or at least true dimensions.

Greetings & Welcome!

Vans, aren’t square like a box truck. Typically they are widest at the beltline, and narrower at the floor & roof. To me, a few inches one way or the other doesn’t make much difference anyway. Many things are set sizes, and we can’t easily change them. Cabinets & counters can be easily adjusted to the space we have available. We just play jigsaw puzzle to make what we want fit.

Go to a car lot and measure what you want with a tape measure. Use that for an APPROXIMATE size, not as exact. They can vary from year to year. I buy a van first, then figure out how to make everything fit, or what compromises I need to make to make it fit. It’s like a game of Tetris, and varies for everybody.

“I” want a fully functioning, fully self contained home on wheels, but many people make different choices. For instance, I want my own toilet & shower, so I make it fit. The same with my kitchen and everything else I deem necessary, including comfortable seating for eating/working/lounging. It’s all a matter of wants, needs, and making it all fit.

Many people are on their second, third, or more build because they got it wrong to begin with. What looks good on paper or on screen turns out to be impractical in real world use. I think it’s a poor choice for newbies to build their own. Experience is a better teacher than YouTube or Instagram. Go look at lots of factory campers, and make notes of what you do and don’t like about each of them. You need to do this in person to actually experience it, not just online. Some will feel cramped or inconvenient, while others the same size, and with the same amenities, will feel perfect. Floor plans mean everything.

Good Luck & keep us posted!


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