Feature Request – Ability To Delete Our Posts For Privacy

Hi Project Van Life community,

I respectfully request this forum owner please enable members to delete or edit posts at any time, for the following reasons:

  1. Regretting sharing personal info:
    Sometimes we may post something that discloses private information about ourselves that in hindsight we prefer to not have online. It may be something about our medical matters, financial matters, auto, location, or some other personal detail that we may not want to be shown publicly.

  2. Vulnerability to stalking
    Not being able to remove a post may result in being vulnerable to stalking or doxing abuse by a jilted ex, stalker, or politically-motivated bad actors. While we’re not allowed to post politics here it seems, we may post politics elsewhere and that might trigger getting e-stalked by someone who researches us and finds private info.

  3. Vulnerability in legal matters
    Sometimes people wind up in legal matters and when that happens it’s sometimes a good idea to delete online postings.

  4. Cannel culture
    In today’s cancel culture climate, we may end up using words unintentionally offensive. It would be nice to have an option to delete if we feel we’ve erred in posting something unintentionally offensive.

  5. It will likely become law
    It’s probably a matter of time before laws require sites to provide a delete option. For example, CA passed a “Erase” law for minors on social media seemingly mandating websites allow minors an option to remove postings - with disclosure how they can opt to delete posts they don’t want to remain online forever.

  6. Outdated info
    As tech and post-2020 societal norms change, info we post can quickly become outdated. If for whatever reason we post something that’s now outdated info, it will be nice to have an option to delete it.

Thank you for considering this request.

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Greetings !

Near as I can tell, you always have the ability to edit your own posts. I’ve corrected a few typo’s on my messages that were months old.

At the bottom of the message there is a graphic of a pencil, clicking on it will allow you make edits.

I’m not sure about deleting posts, but it seems I may have done it, but just can’t remember how I did it.


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Hi. You wrote, “Near as I can tell, you always have the ability to edit your own posts.” Yet this it not so for me. When I try, I text pops up reading, “You don’t have permission to delete this topic. If you really want it to be deleted, submit a flag for moderator attention together with reasoning.”

Please see 3 screenshots.


Also when I click on the pencil icon it just shows the post but there seems to be no actual option to edit it.


Are you on a computer or a phone? I’m on a laptop, and the message being created or edited is on the right of the screen, and directly to the left of it is the box where you actually do the editing. You might try scrolling left/right to see if something is hiding.

Perhaps you delete a post by editing it, and just saving it as a blank message. It seems that may be I did…

I’m sure the own will be reading these messages, and he may be more help than I can be. Do keep me posted on this though.

I don’t know what forum software is used here, so I can’t look up any documentation…


I am accessing the site on a typical laptop and typical web browser. I suspect you may see options as a moderator not available to non-mod members. That’d be my theory. I can neither delete nor edit.

@ HenryCooper Do you have any insights on this? Thank you.


Hmmmm… That is strange, as far as I know I have always been able to edit my own messages, but it is possible that ability is granted later, after you’ve been a member for a while. I seem to remember getting a few extras here and there as time went on, but I honestly don’t remember what they were…

What browser are you using? I’m using Firefox, and it’s possible your browser makes a difference. When I switched to Firefox, suddenly a lot of websites and features sprang to life that MSIE, MS Edge, & Chrome didn’t like.


"Those who believe money can't buy hapiness, don't have either."
~ An Anonymous Vandweller

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Hey @roadsideresident Thank you for bringing this up.

This does seem to be an issue and I will be getting in touch with our developer to sort it out within the next week. I apologize for the inconvenience.

Hi HenryCooper I still cannot delete and old post. Also, the “Muted” option also does not seem to be working for me.

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Still working on the fix. It’s been hard to get a developer on this. Someone took a brief look but couldn’t figure out the problem. It’s some technical bug that’s happening for some completely unrelated reason.

It’s for the muted option we’ll take a look at the too. Thanks for letting us know.