Fantastic fan wires

I bought a partially converted van. It has a Fantastic fan installed but I don’t know how to hook it up. I included a picture of the wires from the fan. Is there a connector so I can plug it in, I was planning to get a goal zero yeti400.

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I’d see if you can get owners/installation manual online for it, it should tell you what color wires are positive & negative.

Once you know that, you add a cigarette lighter plug to it to plug into a goal zero, or the dash (only when driving!).

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I would definitely check the manual, on our maxxair fan the colors were reversed and black was positive. I would normally expect black to be negative in a 12v system. Also you can likely buy a 12v power adapter (the cigarette lighter style ones, not sure what the proper term is these days) from walmart and just connect the wires. Most of that stuff in walmart will have a brown and blue wire e.g. brown & sharp where brown is the positive connection.

FWIW I think the goal zero products are overrated. It’s just a battery in a fancy case for $500 that only supplies 33ah of power. If that is even all usable. For that price you could buy a couple 100ah batteries and a folding solar panel from renogy and just wire the fan to the battery and fuse it.

The other parts of the goal zero, an inverter, is about $30 at walmart, and the usb plugs are about $10 on amazon. I would look at going this route as opposed to getting a “replaceable sealed lead-acid AGM battery weighing 29 lbs” for $500.