Exterior mounted Propane

I’m looking at ways to carry propane outside of the van. I’ll only use it for a propane firepit, as I’m all electric inside. I’d like to mount a small tank on a rear door carrier (mule, etc) but have read that US standards for RVs do not allow mounting propane on “rear bumper or wall” of the vehicle. It’s strange that all of these companies sell these mounts, but they probably aren’t legal or safe? Are they using a “van” loophole? Any thoughts? Undermount is an option but seems like overkill.


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Legal or not, I wouldn’t want a bomb mounted on my rear bumper or doors. I’ve been rear ended too many times over the years.


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I have seen them mounted on the front tongue of RVs, but having one on the front of a van is , in my eyes, just as dangerous as having it on the back. Do you possibly have a rack on your roof that you can store it? Is that legal?

I’ve seen the propane tank mounted high up on a ladder attached to the rear of the vehicle, out of the way of the front bumper and front end of most vehicles that might crash into you from behind. The ladder makes it easy to climb up to the roof rack.

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Thanks for the replies! I think I’ll just skip the propane all together. Safer and all of my cooking is electric anyway.


Love propane, can’t imaging camping without it.
Never worried about where I kept it, and I kept it all over. Inside, I got propane detector. I found that my favorite spot for it was the passenger seat. This way I don’t have to unstrap it like when it’s mounted outside.
Propane isn’t that explosive. Propane tanks had been through wildfires and nothing happened to them. Main thing is for the tank to be in good condition and not rusted.
Having propane tank on the back of your rig would be a pretty good deterrent for tailgaters though! :slight_smile: