Experience with a ford transit

Leaning towards signing onto a ford transit as my van given everything i’ve read, wanted to come on here and see if anyone has any specific stories to share

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No experience with the Transit, but a lot with Fords in general. I wouldn’t hesitate - there’s a mechanic in every town that can work on them in the rare instance that something breaks. My van is an E350 Econoline, for forerunner of the Transit. No issues at all.


We have a promaster but have been in and road in a few transits. They are good vehicles and I think either is a solid choice. Just depends on what you’re looking for. If you short under 5’ 8" you can get away with a medium roof transit and still have standing room. I’ve only had experience with the turbo charged engine and it goes really well, especially uphill and when towing. I would definitely recommend the AWD if you are buying new. You’ll have to likely do your bed from the back to front as opposed to side to side like the promaster. It’s all a trade off but honestly you’ll be happy with whatever van you choose. I feel like roof racks and the like can be a little easier to find for the transit or perhaps there are just more options available.

After doing some long washboard roads in both over the last week/weekend, I feel like the transit actually handles that a little better. Maybe because of the solid rear end on the promaster.

If I bought again I wouldn’t hesitate to get an AWD transit, but I would choose the front wheel drive promaster over a rear wheel drive transit, just because I feel it goes better in snow and the rain. It might not be much of an issue after being weighed down though.

The promaster is definitely more boxy so somewhat less of a headache building things out as it’s a bit more square, but nothing you can’t work around on the transit.

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