Existing Vent Holes in Side Of Van

Hello all - I’m just getting started on a new build in a Ford Econoline. This van was a work van and came with some fixed round vents on both sides. I’m trying to get some opinions on whether or not I should worry about sealing these up before going any further.

My concern isn’t really about water infiltration. They slope down and seem to mitigate water fine. My question is more about whether or not this amount of air infiltration would be undesirable. A friend of mine mentioned perhaps it allows ventilation to the insulation, which may not be bad thing.

I’d be happy to hear any thoughts on what you’d do with these. Thanks,

Interior View

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Airflow is always a good thing, either inside the van, or inside the walls.


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If you are going to be insulating the walls, I would highly recommend either piping the vent holes through the insulation layer, or blocking them off. You will not want to expose your insulation to humidity or moisture in any way (for example if it is raining outside) If you use a short pvc pipe to carry the vent into the van (sealing around the inside of the perimeter of the pipe around the interior of the vent) you could easily use these to your advantage to regulate airflow through the van.

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