Excited Newbie!

Hello community members!

My name is Margaret, I’m 26 and from the U.S. I’ve been traveling nonstop about 2 years now, but new to the VanLife community! My partner and I (he is from Czech) just finished building out our Citroen Jumper in Europe about 2 months ago and have been exploring the Croatian coast to avoid real winter.

I work online for about 2 hours each day teaching English from our van while Ladi is a full-time photographer. We just adopted a stray kitten from Croatia, who is cooler than both of us. It is frustrating.

Our van is very high tech and I am so excited to share what we have done and to learn about everyone’s builds. I have loads of details and videos about the process on @curlyhaircamping! I wish you all happy travels!

Greetings & Welcome!

I’m from the USA, been living on wheels since 1974 and have a very low tech van. Full featured, but low/no tech. No solar panels, no powered fridge, no plumbing, etc.

I’m an extreme weather camper occasionally, so everything is designed to be extreme weather comfortable, which is why I avoided plumbing so it won’t freeze. Solar never worked for me, and an ice chest is fool proof and doesn’t require any power. I charge my house battery mainly while driving, with a generator for a backup. $800 van, and an under $300 conversion all in, and 200k+ miles and 10+ years later it’s still going strong, and keeping me comfortable.

I do have all the amenities though, just low tech. Kitchen, toilet/shower, heating, cooling, power, etc. etc. A micro home on wheels to keep me warm in the winter and cool in the summer, with a comfy bed, and a cheery place to work from.


"Those who believe money can't buy hapiness, don't have either." ~ An Anonymous Vandweller