EV Batteries (warning, I'm crazy ;) )


I just wrote like 2 pages on our electrical … decided not to post that, too long :wink: but I do want to ask if anyone fancies discussing the option of using electric vehicle batteries on a large rig. Not just one cell, no no, the whole thing! Because we could really use the 60 odd watts and macgyvering that stuff is a firehazard I’m not wanting to attempt.

FYI It’s not a van, but a tractor trailer and it’s not just personal living use. Everything down from the battery seems doable, I’m mostly stuck on how to charge the battery on the go (getting solar, battery to battery into a high voltage battery) hence why I’m here :wink: from all the communities and industries our project touches on vanlife has been by far the most helpful!!!

Sorry, this isn’t a real introductory post … the rig is (part of) a business idea for this summer, but I’m still working another job at the moment and I don’t want to cause trouble by being found out about on the internet. (I don’t need to be judged as not caring for my job cause I’m preparing for a new job when I’m working 80+hr weeks and a normal hobby just can’t get my mind off of that madness … I hope you guys understand. I promise I will write it all up starting this summer and I will put a link here somewhere.) In any case I have some electrical questions that are driving me nuts :slight_smile: So I just wanted to throw it out there, hoping someone maybe has some ideas, suggestions, comments, alternatives, experience, …