European Rentals

I am looking for advice on how/where to rent a van in Europe.

We are headed to Switzerland in June and want to tour Germany, France, and the Alps. This will be about a 10 day hot-lap. It looks like there are some companies which specialize in renting little VW vans and that would be fine, but I am wondering if there is an inside scoop on more unique ways to do it.

We run an old converted ambulance here in the Pacific Northwest and love its qwerkiness. It seems anticlimactic to get to the Alps and drive a milquetoast corporate billboard. I checked Swiss craigslist, but it appears to be just a place to buy weed. Is there a more conventional website over there I am not aware of? I apologize for my naivety, but I’ve never ventured from North America.

Greetings & Welcome!

Try this:


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