Espar B2L Issues!

I bought a espar B2L gas heater for my van with a EasyStart Pro controller. Im running a promaster 2500 with Normal gas so I wanted to have a gas heater and not diesel, didnt want an extra auxiliary tank. I had a webasto gas heater in it for a long time, had issues mostly because it was not very tolerant of high altitiude, id have to clean it every 2 uses because of the soot it made. I camp mostly for skiing above 9000ft, which led me to the B2L as it was advertised for up operation to 18kft.

Anyways this heater has never functioned properly, constantly throws codes for voltage, intake issues, and overheating. I eventually sent it back to Heatso and they ran diagnostics on it, said it needed an software update, and allegedly successfully tested it and said it was good to go.

I just reeinstalled it and once again its throwing a overhheating code (P000115). Luckily im not seeing the other voltage codes but still…

Intake/Exhaust are clear. Heater is clean. Wiring is good and delivering 12v to the heater. I have a 500ah battery bank (x4 125ah 12v in parallel) and charged from 220W of Solar (Renogy). The heater is wired direct to the battery per their install instructions and not through a fuse box or solar controller. I NEVER had a problem starting, or running the webasto (just got dirty too fast). The webasto also had a much higher energy demand in comparison.

I imagine if the temperature sensor in the Espar was bad they would have discovered it at Heatso. I thought maybe its because I had it installed in a box style situation but Ive removed that to expose the heater and no changes. Ive had this heater for 2 years and have never had it run more than 30 minutes at a time before code. I reset the codes and can get another 15-30min. You can imagine this isnt very fun in 10 degrees overnight

I am desperate to get this thing working and there is little to no resources for this heater online. I also cannot afford another $1000+ heater. Any advice would be appreciated.

Greetings & Welcome!

This a perfect example of why I prefer cheap, simple, & reliable. Kerosene heaters require no power, and altitude doesn’t effect them. Add a heat powered woodstove fan on top, and you have a non-electric fan forced heater. Mine are both heaters & cookers, and I can even place a Coleman folding oven on top to make muffins, cornbread, & a whole lot more.

A 36 wick multi fuel (cooking oil, kerosene, or diesel) heater/cooker only costs $6.00 to build from dollar store parts, and you can add a woodstove fan or oven on top of them too, or use a water heater coil for an unlimited amount of hot water. Fill a Dutch oven with sand & heat it up while you’re awake, and then extinguish the burner and that sand battery will continue to radiate heat for many hours into the night.

A UCO Candelier says they put out 5k BTU via 3 candles, and can be converted to use a 3-5 wick liquid candle(s). I’ve seen people use a woodstove fan on top of these too for fan forced electricity free heat.

While all of these choices will require another fuel source, that’s a small price to pay for a simple, reliable source of heat & possibly cooking, water heater, and more.


"Old school, cheap, simple, reliable, and easily replaceable for the win!" ~ Traveler@Heart