Entertainment industry vanlifers?


Hi all, I’m a reporter at The Hollywood Reporter and I’m currently writing a story on people in the entertainment industry who are embracing living in a van on a semi-permanent basis. I’m looking to learn more, and I’d love to chat if you work in the industry and/or know someone who does and might be open to talking. Reply or DM if you’re open to it or want to learn more! Thanks for reading.

  • Katie


Would love to help out. Not in the entertainment industry though (unless Instagram counts).

Sent you a PM anyway.


Hello Katiee,

My name is Leandro Parisi.
I’m a Brazilian musician, and I have a project called PianoBike (as I’m a new member i can’t post my instagram link here, but I invite you to check my instagram page: @Piano.Bike)

With which I plan on living off grid with. I’m currently converting my van.

I’d be glad to talk with you about my project.

Here follows my e-mail: lepcbelisario@gmail.com


Leandro Parisi