Engine restoration before roadtriping

Hi everybody !
There is a question that often comes back to instagram is “did you buy your van in this state or did you do some work?”
So obviously I did much more than some work :blush:
When I retrieved my fiat he had not driven for more than 30 years, the meter posted few kilometers (59000) but I preferred to dismount for two reasons:

  • Change all the up and down engine gaskets, the timing belt and check the cylinder head
  • Know perfectly the engine of my van … for me it is dispensable before taking the road to have the ability to repair everything because in roadtrip … there are always breakdowns!
    So I took out the front gear and spent many hours dismantling, cleaning and changing the parts and engine gaskets that had to be.
    Here are some pictures that will say more than a few sentences especially because it’s very complicated for me cause I do not know technical terms in English :slight_smile:

Have a nice day :wink:




Looks like you’re doing a great job! Looking forward to more progress reports.


"Proper planning, preparation, and equipment, ensure proper performance." ~ Road Warrior

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You did an outstanding job. I will share it with my little lazy husband :wink:. I have a question regarding the engine. Our van’s engine had a dark brown oil and recently we change the engine oil and its between the maximum and minimum mark. My Uncle told us to add a good oil additive in it to increase its life. He also referred me this oil additive. Do you think it would really improve the performance of the engine and lubricant?

I just asked this question because I have little knowledge on this and these photos are saying you are an expert :sunglasses:

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