Emergency Kit / Medicine


Hi all,

I’m not quite sure if this is relevant to everywhere, but I was curious, what medicine are must haves on the road? Especially for when traveling in an area without shops.

We always have an emergency kit in our vehicle with a few things we feel are must haves (i.e. plasters, bandages, burn shield, pain killers, scissors, antihistamine, etc.).

I prefer to always be prepared for anything, but also save space.



I feel like a first aid kit should be enough. Those are built to make sure you have all the essentials before you make it to a hospital (if it gets that serious)



I have store bought first aid kit, and of equally and possibly more importance, I have a first aid book, that tells you what to do. This can be very important if you don’t happen to have an internet connection when you need it.



We don’t have any medication on board as of yet, but are definitely planning on getting the necessities needed for emergencies