Emergency Gadgets That Van Travelers Must Have?


I am packing bags for our one week trip, and I am gathering the emergency tools/gadgets in it. Here, I am going to share the essential ones with you, but if I am missing anything, then you can share with me.

Vehicle Emergency Kit: Yes, I’ve added all necessary van repairing tools here to avoid any critical situation.

Emergency Road Flares: Yes, we have road flare, but this time, I am thinking to get a LED road flare from here. You can give your suggestion if you’ve used an LED one.

Lanterns: Honestly speaking, since childhood darkness is a weak point of me. Though we have BESTEK DC to AC Inverter that can work without proper power setup but I also include lanterns in emergency gadgets list.

LifeStraw: It didn’t purchase it but planning to get one to avoid any water issue, I will get one for sure.

The other things that I keep with us are army knife, power stick portable charger, medical kit and much more.

Now, it’s your turn to add more gadgets or tools in my emergency kit. I am waiting for your suggestions.

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That plastic shovel worries me, not sure it would work in hard ground. I would add a metal one.

Other than that, looking pretty good! I would put that flare thing on the back though, so it gets maximum exposure to approaching traffic.


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If you get a life straw spend the extra $20 and get the metal one. Much more solid and reliable.

:joy: careful taking it on a plane. They will definitely pull it out and question you. It is very challenging to explain to security in Bangkok what it is when you can’t speak Thai!

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I actually have two folding shovels in my car.

A light plastic/aluminum one that is perfect for shoveling sand and snow but would probably break if I hit something hard with it. Steel one works well on hard ground and breaking ice but sucks for moving soft sand and snow.

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Yeah! Important to have folding shovels in all seasons especially in snowy one.

Bangkok :thinking: But I am not going there especially in a van.