Electrician help Bay Area, CA

Hello, van life community! I feel pretty grateful to be able to connect with the community - it is much needed. Sometimes I feel like what did I get myself into, but I know it’s the right decision! I really need to find someone in the Bay Area, CA to help me with electric/solar panel set up in my van. I’ve contacted van conversation places and they are so busy and kind of a lot of money, although worth it and all for all the knowledge and awesome professional work- I’m looking for more resources. I just want to make it livable for now so I can continue to convert it overtime - SO, the first steps are installing my fan on the roof and electric system/wiring/etc. Or at least enough set up to get my fan to be able to run, so than I could start the insulation myself and continue to work with someone to finish electric set up. I know nothing about setting up electric and sadly do not have the time right now to learn even though I would love to. Please let me know if anyone has any resources in the Bay Area or near by of anyone they would recommend. Thank you kindly! =)

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Greetings & Welcome!

Can’t help with your request, but wishing you well.


Hey there!

I have a dear friend who owns and runs a bicycle shop in Oakland. He did some electrical work on my van and knows his stuff.

If you are looking for someone who knows how to tinker and make things work and are willing to compensate them for their efforts I bet you guys could strike a deal!

Email me and I can connect you: di@terra.archi