Electrical question

So I am currently in the research phase of this all. And honestly the most daunting thing to me of this all is the electrical work and I have recently come across these solar generators like anker, Bluetti, Etc. But seems hard to find info for my question of of non sponsored videos and I also just come across these forums recently as well so I figured id ask.

I am a pc gamer and when I get on the road (eventually) its not something I want to leave behind I would have a much more power efficient machine when I make this change of course… If I were to rely on electricity for everything because something about having propane or any other fuel on board in a very small space seems to be the most sketchiest thing in the world lol.

But anyways minimal lighting 12v appliances for the most part. Would one of these generators be typically enough to replace a typical van builds power system. I see bluetti even has battery extenders or what not which id be willing to pay extra for. Just looks so much simpler of a system then the diy stuff Id probably blow myself up haha. And willing to pay the extra cost if it simply would do exactly what someone would build in their van would do.

Sorry I hope anything I said makes sense I am a very scatter brained person and its typically hard for me to put what I am trying to ask into text.

I’m also in the research planning stage for electrical and considering one of these plug-and-play systems like the Buetti or the EcoFlow delta pro. I see they have developed into reliable systems as per a few pod casters who have been testing them for over a year. I also like the idea of having everything electric except maybe cabin heat. I will also be running a computer and secondary monitor, for CAD work as well as an air conditioner, refrigerator and an electric 1800W water heater for a short duration. Like you I am not against buying another battery. May need extra battery because these solar power stations consume wattage just to stay on with nothing plugged in. The main problem I see with the plug and play power stations is that if something breaks the whole system is out. Then it’ll be time to pull into a campsite that has electric hook ups.
The next issue is how are you going to charge it? I already have a honda 2200W generator so that is backup. I have a chevy express passenger van extended wheelbase with 12 ft of usable roof space so I can fit 1000W of solar panels (5-200W) Add a good looking secure roof mount like the Redarc Solar Panel Spoiler Mounts. I do not want a roof AC and currently in the process of designing a rear window mounted 6000btu window AC for easy removal when driving.
I hope to be ready for electric in a few weeks. I did notice today that Home Depot has the EcoFlow Delta Pro on sale for $3199.