[ELECTRICAL] AC Distribution Panel

I was wondering about the AC distribution panel:

I was wondering what the 30A “AC Main” switch and the “Reverse Polarity” switches do:

I want to have at least 3x - 15A receptacles in my van and so I was thinking of getting the AC breaker panel above. Is this the right AC distribution panel?

p.s. I am also wondering if occasional blending is off limits using a 15A receptacle or if I should really go with a 20A circuit for that?

Any help is hugely appreciated!


The AC main are the 2 breakers that are ganged together. One breaker is for the black wire the other is for the white, unlike house wiring where they just have the breaker on the black. The reverse polarity is a red light that goes on if you have the wires connected incorrectly as in black to white instead of black to black and white to white to whatever you are plugging into. Check out Blue Sea Systems panels in your search.