EASY D.I.Y. Maxxair fan install (Sprinter Van)

Hey Guys! Before I installed my maxxair fans, I searched up a bunch of different “how to” videos on youtube with little success in finding one that actually explains HOW to install it. So, When installing mine, I made this little instructional video explaining every step of the process! I hope this helps, and please let me know if my instructions were simple and easy enough to understand! (;


I would like to add, make sure your corners where you cut your roof out are round, so the metal won’t continue to tear. Primer and paint all bare metal created by the cuts to prevent rusting, and put sealant on the threads of the screws before you screw them in. Also, once screwed in, coat the exposed screws on both the inside and outside with sealant to prevent rusting.

Rust prevention is equally as important as making sure your installation is waterproof.


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I painted over the Main Square hole to prevent rust, Coating the screw is what I’ll do next. Thanks a bunch, great tips!

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