E250 Conversion Van 2009 Temp build - bed

I ran out of time to get a cargo van and start from scratch. School starts on Aug 29 and I will have to be there 4 days a week to get granddaughter on the bus. So need the van to live in on those days.

I bought a 2009 Ford E250 conversion van and took out the rear seat it had no storage. I want to put a full size bed or close to it, width wise. I know It is NOT the full size bed dimensions I have to work with, so this is a measure and cut as I go. There is carpeting already and have to build around wheel wells and there is electrical and I don’t have time to tear out and redo it and the ceiling ugh!

4x4 take up a lot of room, do you use 2x4 for frame?
I’ve seen 2x2 and firing strips, but is that strong enough for full bed with one or even two people on top it?
I can’t attach to the wall so this is free standing and I will use screws in case I need to take apart, And I want to have room underneath for storage but also dealing with window ledges, yikes. Crate is for dimensions 18 inches tall.

I have bed slates from ikea to go on top.



The quick cheat that many people use is to use a Hollywood type bed frame, take off the wheels, and extend the legs to the height you want using PVC pipe.

Hollywood type bed frame:


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Sorry you had to rush. I know what that feels like. I bought mine in a rush situation, too. Right now I’m sleeping on a single wide temporary platform bed. My plan is to make a bigger one. I will probably used two by fours for the frame and one by fours for the slats on top. I want to hinge it in two places so that it will fold down into a bench in front. I agreed that four by fours take up a lot of space plus they are extremely heavy and you don’t want to add any more weight to your van than possible I would think. I like the other posters idea of the Hollywood bed frame and replacing the legs with PVC. That would be a lot lighter even then two by fours. I will have to think on that. Best wishes!

Good luck let us know how it goes! Looks like you got a great vehicle to start with.

Back in vaning days in the early 1970’s I build a bed in the back. In the center I cut out 4 foot section. Divided it in half and attached 4 “ high density foam over all of it. I used the two center pieces as back rest and put a table for eating. Night time drop the table and put the back rest down for a double bed. I used 2x4 with plywood overlay. I covered everything with carpet. Under the seating by the wheel wells on drivers side I put extra batteries for parking power with a cut out from the Drive battery. Other side I stored bedding. Hope this helps.

I’ve been sleeping on a “mattress” that was made by cutting panels of foam into a square. They are held together by the sheet and some sheet clips. Memory foam and other types/densities of foam were used to create the right feel. It’s very comfortable, but very soft and squishy. I know there are firmer foams out there if that’s your preference, but I don’t know their names.