Dual batteries and a kill switch

I want to prevent the ability to start / steal my vehicle while using audio system. When using / adding an Auxilliary battery the Negative (battery) terminal disconnect isn’t useful because of the secondary battery (I am using a Stinger relay/isolator). So I plan install a classic toggle switch on the Positive coil ignition wire creating a Kill Switch. Just to be sure - the kill switch should prevent the vehicle from starting - the starter will turn but with no spark - no start. Now, my question is - will all other accessories function, ie. audio, lighting, …?

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Many questions come to mind with this idea… How many coils are there? Will it mess up the computer, etc. I would consult a mechanic for some good solid answers before proceeding.


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If you are only installing the kill switch on the power leading to your coil and sparkplugs, then yes all other accessories should work. Of course, it would depend where you place it. Be sure it only interrupts the power to the coil. -Ray M.