Dry Camping for Vanlifers

I am comprehending buying land to make it a Dry Camping campground. I see campgrounds charging $35 to $50 which makes it unaffordable for single vanlifers. Would $10 a reasonable amount per night for parking? My model shows that I need atleast 3-4 a night Jun to Oct to breakeven. Is there enough demand in New Brunswick, Canada for this? I am assuming everyone will go south for winter.

I would talk to a Lawyer to see what liabilities you would have if someone was injured. No business license? Insurance? Taxes? I’m sure they will find a fee for something. Maybe something as simple as a waver/disclaimer.

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These red tapes are keeping me from doing this. I would incorporate a company and zone it as a parking lot and permit overnight parking with washrooms and showers. My gut feeling is that there is not enough demand.

Here in the USA , rent has gotten so out of control that alot of people are turning to living in RV’S , van , SUV’s that there is a real demand for affordable places to park . It’s gotten so bad a place to park a RV goes anywhere from $300 to $800 a month, according to where you are . And a lot of people will not let schoolies , van’s or older model RV’S on their land . Here around Asheville NC, a one bedroom apartment rents for about $2000 monthly. I live on $914 each month and this doesn’t allow me a place to call home . I’m converting a 3500 Dodge ram into a place to sleep and stay warm and dry but what am I supposed to do each night when it’s time to sleep? What is this great USA coming to for the poor? I’ve had COVID three times and it’s took a toll on me , and ill leave it at that . Hope you all have a great day.

Greetings & Welcome James1!

There are many opportunities available if we think outside the box.

Basically you can improve your income, learn to live cheaper, or some combination of the two.

Many businesses pay well for onsite overnight security. Many more would let you live there for free, for offering the service. Some might even supply full or partial hookups.

Another option is to improve your income. There are numerous almost fail proof businesses you can start, own, and generate substantial income without doing any of the actual work yourself. They can be online, offline, or a combination. Many service businesses are performed in person, but advertised online. Pay your workers well, and you can have a reliable income for life.

Drain cleaners often charge $100 house call, and $100/hr with a 1 hour minimum for a job that takes under 10-15 minutes, and do 2-4 jobs per hour. Junk haulers are averaging $2500 profit per truck per day after all expenses.

The list of possibilities is practically endless, and many can be started for chump change or even free.


"Opportunities are everywhere, but only action makes it happen." ~ Van_Dweller