Driving to Costa Rica

Hi all new to this forum am looking to drive to Costa Rica in January and was trying to find out about the possibilities of getting a group of vans together . Does anyone know of a blog or spot to find out info ? Or is anyone interested ?


I’d definitely be interested in a trip like that, but I’m far from ready, especially by January.

I’m not sure where you are starting from, but I do remember there is some big event where they travel from Northern Cali (or somewhere in Cali anyway) all the way down to somewhere in Mexico. I think it’s a big VW camper event? But from what I remember reading, more than just VW’s make the trip. I’ll have to try and find the name/link to it again, but supposedly it’s normally over like 100 people that go with that group.

But, I’d imagine people from that large of a group, you’d probably be able to find some travel buddies willing to go further south with ya.

I’ll try to find that link and come back with it, but off the top of my head I can’t remember. Anyone else ever seen that event / have a link?

You cannot actually drive to Costa Rica from the US. There is a spot near the Panama Canal called the Darién Gap that you cannot drive across. From there you have to get your ride on a container ship or something similar. I don’t know the logistics but I believe it’s a bit expensive.