Dreaming of the Van Life


Hi everyone!
My name is Sarah, & I live in Sugar Land, Texas. I have become a bit obsessed with the prospect of van life, & hope to have a van built out & ready to go early 2019.
Any advice anyone can share would be greatly appreciated!!


Greetings & Welcome!

For starters, window vans make much better campers than cargo vans. Great views in all directions make van life so much better.



I agree with you on the views but in my opinion lots of windows also make it harder to insulate the van.

Best advise I can give is choose your van visely. Talking from experience it’s no fun to lose a lot of money from buying van that we did not get inspected by experts before we bought it.

Best of luck to you Sarah :slight_smile:



While cargo vans might be easier to insulate, window vans typically come with fiinished floors/walls/ceilings. No added insulation is needed to create a comfortable camper van, and climate control and power are two of the easiest things to accomplish.

Too many people tend to over complicate the easiest things, while totally ignoring the more important things. A window van with pre finished floor, walls, and ceiling, will save you enough money to pay for the whole rest of your conversion, and you’ll never miss not having added insulation. I’ve spent very cold winters and very hot summers in both an uninsulated window van, and a very well insulated cargo van. The window van was easier and cheaper to heat, easier to cool, and way more comfortable than the cargo van. That’s real world first hand experience. Any experienced camper who has tried both will tell you the same thing unless they have some hidden motive like making money, or trying to unload a cargo van camper. Sun in the winter and shade in the summer beat insulation every time.