Dreaming about my future van...or a bus!

Introduce Yourself…

My name is Paula (from Portugal). I dream about my van all the time! I’m a secretary, so i’m always at the office…8 hours a day, or more!!..I need to keep dreaming about the journey that I want to do in my life! By the way…i’m gone make 40 this year!!! :slight_smile:

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Welcome at the forum Paula. Believe me, dreams come true if you pay the right worth of them. Work hard, dream big. :slight_smile:

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Greetings & Welcome!

It can be a beautiful dream and a wonderful life.

It’s never too soon to start exploring how you’ll make money to support your travels. Money makes all the difference in the world for a happy and enjoyable life.


"Be a credit to the human race, and make the world a better place." ~ Off Grid

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Hi Paula,
So nice to read your post!
I’m Elsje from Belgium and I’m turning 52 in April but I’m sooo happy and excited to finally go living in a van end of April.
My lovely rental apartment got sold, so I was forced to think about the next chapter in my life and now that my son is independent, I finally want to take the big step.
Dreaming and talking about it with others and just being convinced that it’s going to work, has helped create the right circumstances to get started. I’m really lucky to have found someone who will help me in all the necessary ways (financially, technically and practically) even though he doesn’t believe it’s a good idea:-).
It’s not easy but I’m convinced that once you decide it’s going to happen, instead of dreaming about it and wondering how you’re ever going to succeed, things just start arranging themselves.
I have no clue how I’m going to do it all and I’m literally unable to make plans for myself, but I’m sure it will work itself out and I will find my way over time.
If I can do it, you can do it!
All the best!

Hoping you would have your van this 2020. What possible styles do you want inside?