Dreamer from Washington


Hello everyone! Saidah here from Endicott, WA. I’ve been a long time follower of “cheap rv life” and have been dreaming of traveling since forever. I recently turned my car into a teeny tiny living space so I can go to quartzite AZ this winter and be able to attend the 2019 RTR.


Greetings & Welcome!

I was very un-impressed by the RTR, but the gigantic carnival like flea market at Quartzsite was awesome. Salvation Mountain and Slab City were great too.

Descend on Bend is much closer to you, and a MUCH better get together. September 27-30, Outback Station 76231 OR-31, La Pine, OR 97739


There may also be a deer park gathering up near Spokane in several weeks. You just missed the Rimrock gathering last month, about 400 of us, and the best in the country. There was one in Tillamook, OR too, although I didn’t attend.

The PNW is blessed with lots of gatherings of lots of great people. The RTR, while now huge, has always failed in comparison to the ones in the PNW, or elsewhere in the country.

Tent camping can improve the experience of car camping, by giving you more room to spread out and relax. Even when I had bigger motorhomes, tents frequently improved the enjoyment. They can give you a roomy bug free space in the shade, or out of the rain. Shower tents are extremely handy too.



What car are you living in?


Welcome to the chat. You are in a great location for meeting others in every kind of vehicle.
You should check out the upcoming events in the pnw and you might be too busy to go all the way to Quartzite.


thanks for that info, Im getting ready now to attend the Descend on Bend. Im really excited!


Hope you have a great time!



I can’t make it this year, but will look forward to a full review. hint… hint… nudge… nudge… :yum::yum::yum: