Dometic Seitz S7P Windows

Hi All,

I recently acquired a lot of over 50 of these windows (Dometic Seitz S7P 818x315mm), and I’m now beginning to sell them on Ebay for what looks to be a good deal based on my research. Shipping from Southern Ontario, Canada.

Any suggestions for keywords that I can add to my listing to help the right people find my listing? Can anyone help me find some similar products to compare prices and information with? It seems these are typically sold in Europe and Austrailia, as I can’t find much information on them from around here.

Thanks All!

Greetings & Welcome!

A picture of the full sized window, and the dimensions in inches might help. Do they come with screens? (HUGE Plus)

They seem like an odd size to me, so I would guess that your main audience base would be people cutting new custom sized holes to mount them in. Things like cargo vans/trailers, box trucks, and maybe tiny houses.

Since they are short they could also be used as transom windows, or above/below bigger windows that don’t open.


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