Does this seem high to you? or a fair deal

Too high for a 2002 with that much mileage and having been used for towing. With the trailer brake installed they used it to tow a fairly heavy trailer, and having been used for towing the transmission might not last much longer, which is at least a $3500 affair to have a shop do it. Also, that year range had problems with spark plugs blowing right out of the head - not too hard to repair with the insert kits they have now, but could leave you stranded.



$3k-$3.5k seems to be about normal for ones with less mileage…


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I think $4.5 - 6K would be fair for that van here in New Mexico in that condition. Really depends on the part of the country you’re in (rust-belt or not), and the local demand for them.

Demand seems to be going up right now.

Yeah…I agree the 4-6 range is fair. But people are totally trying taking advantage right now. This just went up and I had the message the owner just make sure if it was a typo or not. It was not a typo. :confused: