Does Color mater? Red van.....?


I am still looking for the Ford Transit van and I found the one has good mileage, reasonable price, but one thing I’m so unsure is…this van has color… RED…

Are the red vans has more problematic than other colored vans? You know people saying, cops like to chase red car because they have aggressive driver. I’m the opposite of aggressive driver because I’m a slow driver and I do not have road rage (I do have alot of pet peeve that is relate to house issue… therefore yes I do have a house rage…) and I do not want cops target my van just because it is red.

So again, are the red vans tend to be the problematic vans?


I wouldn’t worry about Cops with a red van. I would be more concerned with heat. Depending on where your location is. In Florida white was a major point when purchasing the van we have now. My 1st van was brown #2 was Burgundy. In the morning when the sun hit the dark colored vans it was like firing up an oven. Even with air by mid-day they were too hot to stay in. White solved the problem. Blends in with all the white cargo vans also. “Just another white van”

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I second the WHITE van as well, for the same reason of keeping the heat down. If you are that concerned about cops while you’re in a red van, then you are over thinking it. I have seen a lot of red vans and red Transits in particular, but I don’t see them pulled over by cops. If you are stealth camping, then just blend in to your surroundings and you shouldn’t have any issues.