Do you need a job?

Im here looking for people who would be interested in catching and relocating wild birds in the US. Right now, we need someone in the Nebraska/Dakotas area, Colorado, and New Mexico. So 3 people really, however we are expanding quickly so we could take 10-20.
Many positions are available from management to trainers and sales to relocaters.

If you have these traits, please reach out to me.
: Have the ability to travel (nothing really tying you down)
: Professional
: Problem Solver

From my own experience, im making around 60k/y
We are currently contractors (you pay for everything)
I have lived in my minivan for 7 months, running jobs in the midwest. It has its good days and bad days.
The management and team are amazing.
It’s truly a one of a kind career.

This is a real offer. I hope im not breaking the community guildlines by posting this.
We need people who are able to move around.
I thought posting on a vanlife forum might be a good place to try.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day.

Because of past interactions with people, im going to add this last bit.
We catch wild birds inside of buildings. We catch them safely and place them in a bucket of food. Drive miles away and release them.

You might want to poet a legitimate link. This seems like a job, but to people such as myself and others, seems too good to be true.
Please post a legitimate link.

Thank you for your reply. You make a good point.
Here is our website.

We look forward to talking with anyone interested.

If I had seen this offer a few weeks earlier, I would have gladly accepted any offer that came to me. But at this point I was already employed and had gone through the training phase. To be honest, I didn’t think I was likely to find a job so quickly, but the personal statement writing service helped me get recruiters interested in my candidacy quickly. Perhaps this played a key role.