Do we need 4x4?

Hello everyone,

We are currently planning our “big trip” trough Europe, Morocco and Algeria.

We have a self converted Opel Vivaro for all our trips. but are thinking It would’nt handle Morocco and Algeria as well as we hoped for. We like sleeping in nature and by lakes/sea.

Do you think we need something more “offroad friendly” like a 4X4, or is it better to just prepare our current van? and what could we do to our vivaro to make it Morocco ready?

Do you think the dust is gonna be a problem for our vivaro’s engine?, never been in such conditions before.

thanks for the info!


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Hi! A 4x4 will give you more way options, if you can change it, i would do it, even if with yours it will be ok too. You should check kitkat_ch on instagram, she went with a kombi to Irán and Morocco too. And we are also going on september to morocco with a renault kangoo… So, i think you won’t have any problem, but a 4x4, as I said before, will give you much more options to visit and to sleep. :blush: Enjoy it!


If you can get your hands on a 4x4 it’s definitely a better option and you should go for it.
Although, I don’t think dust would be a concerning problem.


Consider a Chevy Express with a G80 locking differential. Cheaper and better in some cases than 4x4

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finding that in Europe is gonna be hard I imagine… :frowning: :frowning: looks like the perfect size tho !! :slight_smile:

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