Do any of you use a cellular booster in your van?

Looking for suggestions from anyone running a booster. I’m Verizon but most have a version that supports most carriers.

Weboost seems to get good reviews but curious if others use something else?

I’ve been looking at these as well and am pretty much sold on weboost. It’s the most common one I see around. One of the ones with the larger cylindrical antenna.

I’m a bit confused by their site. The have multiple offerings at $499. Some car/suv some RV. I’m not sure which one is the best?

We do get decent signal with T-Mobile in most places. It’s would just be really nice to not have to drive into town to work sometimes.


I found this big long post awhile ago from some Vanlife couple that had a bunch of good reasons for the 3 following items.




(None of the above links are influencer links)

Between those three items, they apparently had WIFI (pretty darn close to) anywhere in the US for $50 a month. It’s been a long while now since I read that article, but if I can find it I’ll try to post the link.

But that’s the same setup I myself will be using once I finish my electrical this month.

I don’t know about the sky roam. I looked into that. I read that the speeds were not great. The weboost you posted also comes in a version with the antenna from the second post for the same price as the first one. As I said. Weboost site is confusing.

Ooooo, nice!

Yeah even on Amazon the weboost stuff is a bit confusing. They recommend an antenna with it that doesn’t actually work with it. -_-

As for the Sky Roam, yeah for $50 a month I figured the speeds couldn’t be that great. If you don’t mind my asking, how much is T-Mobile running you a month?

I pay the standard $100 for two lines (though I think this is a grandfathered plan). Mine and my wife’s plus an extra $15 per line for 20gb of unthrottled data per line.

I hit the cap on the last day or so or the month. Even at throttled speeds Netflix and hbo max are still a go. My wife hits the cap in a week or so with all the streamingon her ipad pro. This is what we use as our tv, we don’t watch a lot, but leaving netflix on all night will kill things quickly. They apparently got rid of the. “Are you still there?” feature.

Typically 2 bars is all I need to work. Everything is good there except zoom can be a little choppy sometimes. I’m a web dev so I only have about 30 minutes of meetings a day and you can always call in to zoom if you need too.

Had not issues working from the south side BLM at Joshua Tree last week or from the Alabama Hills this week. In Alabama hills we had to pay for the $10 campground outside of town as there is no service once you get in there.

The week before we were outside Sedona and I found a spot to work there, but I wish I had had a booster for just a little bit more signal, so finding that sweet spot wasn’t as necessary. Sedona was weird, I don’t know if it was the amount of vans and people (there were a ton, people were definitely long hauling it there) or what, but the network felt overcrowded as we had great service just terrible data speeds. Still made it work. Just took an hour of driving around backroads till got decent signal.

Which brings me to a great tip. Save your spot - Take some crappy camping chairs and maybe a cheap tent that you aren’t worried about losing. Set these up whether you are going to use them or not and leave them when you head out for a bit. People will typically leave it alone and it helps secure that spot you took so long to locate. It took us a bit to learn this one and it’s so simple.