DIY Van List - Add your own van!

hey folks!

I try to collect a list of DIY Vans. I build a website for it (unable to share it here as new user :wink: )

Has anyone an idea how to contact and motiviat people to share they details of the van on such a website?

I couldn’t say for the motivate part as everyone has their own level of privacy but I posted in the forum The Build, for my DIY build.
Maybe have a look at what all is there and post your own? Just a thought :slight_smile:
Good luck!

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Greetings & Welcome!

Interesting! Can you send me a link via personal message? Perhaps I can post it for you.


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its :partying_face:


Cool idea! Looks great! :+1::smile:

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Thank you! and if anyone has any ideas about what else would be cool, just let me know!