Distance around propane stove

We just bought a camperized pop top van. We are looking at adding more storage and moving the stove over. What distance do I need around and above the stove? Are there any ways of decreasing the distance by adding fire resistant barriers?

Any advice would be great.

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I have a range hood with fan over mine, and an opening window directly behind it.


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My van has a rim that runs half way up the wall that is structural. I am concerned about burning it. What distance should the stove be away?

My main job is captain of small work boats here in the UK.

The main document we use as a guide in regard to vessel construction, fitting out and operating standards is “MGN 280”, and I have applied, as closely as possible, some of the applicable principles from this document in the building of my van.

Fire prevention and protection is one that I take very seriously so I have taken an excerpt from the section concerning open flame gas appliances…

"14.5.4 Combustible materials and other surfaces which do not have a surface spread of flame rating should not be left unprotected within the following distances of a standard cooker:-

400mm vertically above the cooker, for horizontal surfaces, when the vessel is upright;

125mm horizontally from the cooker, for vertical surfaces."

In other words, if you can be sure of placing any combustible materials without a surface spread of flame rating outside of these distances, you should be okay with your set up as long as you aren’t complacent.

You could also fabricate some stainless steel plates which stand vertically around the stove to protect any combustible materials, but it is not advisable to reduce the distances quoted above.

I hope this helps.