Dimensions for Popular Vans in Blueprint Style

I found these on my computer. They were one of the first things I found when I started researching van life. I just wanted to list them here as a resource in case it might help someone research, or plan, their build. (Credit for the resource is on each picture.)

Ford Vans - Regular Body and Extended Body

Chevy/GM - Regular Body and Extended Body

Ram ProMaster - Regular Body

Ram ProMaster - Extended Body and Long Body

Ford Transit - Regular Body

Ford Transit - Extended Body and Long Body



Very cool, THANK YOU!


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Extremely helpful!

Thanks for posting this!

I’m honestly a little surprised that these types of blueprints aren’t provided in the course.

Here are some additional links with 3d blueprints:

Dodge ProMaster

  • Promaster 136" WB - upfitsupply .com/measurements/ram-promaster-136-wb-interior-cargo-measurements/
  • Promaster 159" WB - upfitsupply .com/measurements/ram-promaster-159-wb-interior-cargo-measurements/
  • Promaster 159" WB Extended - upfitsupply .com/measurements/ram-promaster-159-ext-wb-interior-cargo-measurements/

Ford Transit

  • Ford Transit 148" WB - upfitsupply .com/measurements/ford-transit-148-wb-interior-cargo-measurements/
  • Ford Transit 148" WB Extended - upfitsupply .com/measurements/ford-transit-148-extended-wb-interior-cargo-measurements/
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The reason I spaced out the links was because this forum has a rule for new users not being able to post links. I can see the reason for such limitation, but it’s sad that these helpful resources can’t easily be shared :frowning:

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