Different Transit considerations

So I’m looking to buy a used transit, not anytime soon, but I’m currently going through all the different options and seeing what I prefer, am willing to compromise on, etc. I’ve decided for sure that it’ll be a transit, medium roof, cargo van. Windows on the back doors are definitely preferred, and additional windows would be awesome but unlikely from a used vehicle. The biggest decision I’m having trouble with is the body length - 250 or 350. I know 350s can’t fit in all normal parking spots, but have sooo much more space. Any thoughts from anyone who currently owns one or is in the same step of this process as I am?

Additional info: I’m 5’4, won’t live in the van full time but might at some point, will be traveling with 1 other person usually, and I plan to take it to national and state parks, not stealth camping.

Thanks guys!

Greetings & Welcome!

The transportation companies are using Transit window vans, and will be selling them off in the future. I’d wait for a window van, just sooooo many advantages.


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