Diesel Mechanics In The PNW?

Hey there! I’m converting an ambulance built on an International with the 7.6L DT466 engine in it. I’m looking for a mechanic who knows their way around that engine and is willing to inspect it with me and really talk to me about maintenance, repairs, and identifying problems. I want to know as much as I can about my vehicle and the shops I’ve gone to in the past, especially dealerships, are not conducive to learning more about your engine.

Does anyone know of any small shops or even independent mechanics who might be willing to not only work on my engine but teach me a few things about it too? Are festivals/conventions like Descend on Bend usually good places to meet people like this? Alternatively, does anyone have any go-to books, YouTube channels, or other resources that have helped them do their own engine work? I’m living in Portland but would be very willing to travel.



Check for a mobile mechanic in your area.


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