Designing for solo travel

Hi, It’s really going too happen! I’ve got a Ford Transit Trail 148 coming and I’m making a ton of design decisions. Am I making a mistake by designing the space for only 1 person (single bed, smaller clothes storage)? It makes so much sense for my use but I’m concerned about resale value down the road. Any thoughts?

Have a look at mine, I just made a removable plinth that tucks under the single bed mattress that can turn it into a double. Easy to make but I doubt it’ll affect resale, plenty of single folks go out with their dogs. I do the same when the wife is working back to back, I just go with the dog lol

Hi, I personally would make at least the bed for 2 people (or a option to somewhat easily convert/rebuild it). Less clothes storage and other design options might not affect the resale value a lot, but having a 1 person bed most likely will. Just due to the fact that there are automatically a lot less people who would be interested in buying your van. Of course you may still get a good price but i imagine the selling time will be considerably longer (to get the same price).


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I think my solution will to build everything as a movable component. I have very specific needs on the road and my single bed layout gives me the perfect solution. I plan on traveling for 3-4 years - not sure if full time or hitting home base a few times a year. After that amount of time, who knows. Maybe sell, maybe just weekend it, maybe my son will take it over. Flexibility is the key.


I’m a big fan of modular, move it in & secure it, rather than build it in. :slight_smile:


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