Design ergonomic and clearances considerations

I saw a diagram somewhere that indicated van build plan measurements for upper cabinet set back from countertop, ergonomic heights for counters, clearances needed for movement down center “aisle” etc. Now I can’t find it. Anyone know where I can get this type of information? I want to have this information as I design my build. Standards of sorts to use as a starting place for design.

Thanks in advance for you help and information!


About 2 foot aisles, seat height and depth of cushion front to back about 18 inches. Most counter heights are about the height of where the bottoms of the windows are or would be (Maybe 30"-33"), about 24" for sitting height counters. My counters are 30", but since I do almost everything, including cooking, while seated, lower would be better. They’re good while standing though.

Hope this helps…


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Big help! Thanks. Gives me some great starting info.

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