Deciding the van vs bus life

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I am Shels L Pixi Honeysuckle, I cannot decide between bus and van life. I have already did the RV life already and it was great, but my rv was too old with a lot issues that I couldn’t fix. So, I starting over by looking at both option bus or van life.

I want to travel to different countries. Which one is better doing it with less headache? If it either home breaks down, which is cheaper to fix? If I went with a bus, I am already looking for a 25ft long. Is there a van that long?

IF I did went with a van. I would need at least, close enough to 25 ft long, with a lot of space and two sliding doors. I will be traveling with two cats. I will be done with my college degree in June 2024. So, I need to decide which one and start buiilding it, because once I am done with college and it is built, I will be on the road.

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Re: Your RV was too old with a lot of issues you couldn’t fix…

There’s always problems, from the newest to the oldest, and newer often means far more problems. Older & simpler is often a better choice and older is usually easier to fix, having or learning the skills to fix things is highly recommended too.

RV’s can frequently be the cheapest & best choice available, so I wouldn’t be in a hurry to rule them out. Even if none of the systems work, you still have a furnished, lockable, moving hard walled tent on wheels you can use any sort of camping equipment in, that you can fix later when you have the money, time, & skills to do so.

You can live like a king, in a tent, if you know how. Knowledge is a super power worth learning.


"It has been said that the secret to success is
learning how to do more with less and in the
simplest way possible." ~ Wise Words Wiki

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