Dear Aussie’s..... Wanting to know your experience or any information around owning a regiusACE Toyota Super GL 4x4

i’m interested in any experience anyone’s hard in owning one of these Japanese is it hard to get parts for our they are reliable and finding it hard to make a decision as it’s very comfortable and seems like a great car but has been warned on sourcing parts. It’s a 2006 - 2008 Turbo Diesel regiusACE Toyota Super GL 4x4. Thanks heaps :minibus:

It is actually a rebadged Toyota HiAce. Maybe world’s second most produced vehicle after VW Beetle (it’s probably not…). Also same basics are used in Toyota Landcruiser and HiLux.

Basically, if you choose car that has engine and transmission same as regular cargo HiAce there is probably a capable mechanic in every town who can fix those. Sourcing parts, hardest will be those exterior and interior parts that are regiusAce specific, or if you happen to buy one that has unusual engine/transmission.

My dad has 2008 HiAce 4WD van, it is reliable. However it would not be my first choise for travelling: it is noisy, not nice to drive (feels like a tractor) and fuel consumption is rather high, if my memory serves me correctly it was around 12l/100km on a 600km round trip to pick up a motorcycle. I’m pretty sure a passenger version would be nicer to drive and quieter. It works for him, since he is retired and drives max. 50km from home to anywhere these days.

Personally I have 5-seater 2005 VW Transporter, it drives like an SUV or other high clearance civilian vehicle. Quieter, more civilized. Gets better mileage too. It might also be in the shop currently… (I have the worst luck of everything).

Anyways. If you can, go see one at a dealer and ask for a test drive (we do this a lot with my coworkers, check all the surrounding car dealers for certain used car model and drive thru them when it is slow day at work). No point driving hours to see one specific car, if there is the same model in a nearby store just less driven and higher pricetag. It will bee just as roomy and ergonomic. Test different cars before you decide.

Greetings& Welcome!

My opinion is that if they are sold there new and theres a bunch on the road all is good. If it’s a specialty import, stay away. You want something that is common in your country.


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Thanks heaps I appreciate it. Do you know if your dads was a 3.0L Diesel or a 2.5 L diesel?

Thanks I’m not sure there are heaps on the rd, doing lots of research and will soon find out thanks :blush:

That’s easy. Only turbo engine available here was the 2.5L.