Dealing With Periods

Hi guys!

I’m a final year design student working on a project based on providing homeless people and rough sleepers with menstrual products :blush: Because of ethics I’m not able to speak to any users but I think you guys’ experiences and how you deal with periods on the road would be really helpful to my research!

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actually its the same like at home.
just throw in the trash bag :slight_smile:

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Thanks!! That’s kinda what I expected :blush:

I’ve used a menstrual cup for 3 years and love it! I just dump it in the toilet, wipe it clean, and pop it back in. No need to spend extra money on simple use products that stick when you store them in a bag for days to weeks.

menstrual cup? reusable type? does it feel easy like tampon usage?

It’s honestly easier! Most days I only have to change it morning and night and it rarely leaks, unlike tampons. It’s the best invention ever.

i am surprised at this. was thinking abt reusable menstrual cups but did some googles on diva cups, luna cups, period cups, etc etc and it seems like you either love it or hate. let me go read up more on this before trying.
I am excited but yet reluctant, you know what I mean? :sweat_smile: