David Here! 93' VW Westy, 211K miles!- 6mo. dwelling

David here. I have a 1993 VW Westfalia with 211K miles on the odo.

Been in it for 6 months and am now beginning to build out the interior. Been all over the US with ‘Le Mat’.

Name comes from French Tarot card tradition and means ‘The Fool’. Being one is where all the juice of life is!


you’re van looks great !, Do you think a pop top is a must in this size van ?

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Hey Dennis!

Thank you. I do.

Currently I am writing this to you while laying down in the pop top.

The ‘downstairs’ is all set up to sit and get my day started. This separation of space while being very compact is something you simply cannot find in anything other than a pop-top.

When you get a pop-top it is as if you are buying 1.5 vans worth of space.

Warmest, David

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Could you share a pic of that setup?