Curtains or something


Hey, first of all cool community and thanks for your help.
I currently convert a VW Caddy to a Campervan, but I have no idea how I can dilute it. I don’t want to damage the interior with screws or something, because my parents use it in their everyday life. Do you have another idea?
Thanks a lot :blush:



Curtains are pretty easy if you use suction cup hooks on the windows. You can then hang curtains directly on those hooks, or string twine between them to use as a curtain rod.

If you have metal around your windows, both curtains and screens can be attached using magnets.



Lots of ways to ‘dilute’ without damaging the interior are mentioned in this topic



If you keep everything portable, and secure it to the seat connection points, it will be easy to change between camper van and passenger van.



Hi! I had the same problem, the van was new and I didn’t want to damage it cause I wasn’t sure if vanlife would be for me. I looked for a solution using what the van had! If you want to have a look of what I did, my instagram account is @homeisnature and if you want some help you can send me some pictures of yours and let see if I find an alternative… what I always advice is: “forget about the typical uses of everything and imagine how they can be used otherwise to make up any new use you can give them that might be useful for you.”
:hugs: hope you understand me, my english is not very good!