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Hi all,
My husband and I are just starting our research into purchasing a travel van. We live in rural Nevada and with so many closures, we are limited on activities that don’t involve camping in non-traditional camp areas. We have used a truck tent for years and are now looking into getting a camper van that would be dedicated to out outdoor adventures, and even offer respite when our upstairs neighbors are less than neighborly.
Right now we are trying to figure out where to buy from and what is essential and what is a luxury. Looking forward to perusing discussions.

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For most people, a cheap older motorhome is the best bang for your buck. Converting a van will usually cost you 10-100 times more than a move in ready older motorhome, and it will provide a much better experience. Forget all the upgrades the promoters will try to talk you into, and use it as it was intended and it will save you money starting immediately.

Floorplans are very important, there’s tons of options, so find one you’ll be comfortable in. I’ve had multiple motorhomes that I loved, that all cost me under $2500. Get one with a generator so you you can run your house off the grid.


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I don’t know the depth of your wallet but there is a lot to be said for a class “B” type RV. It’s a van but it has a lot and it’s ready to go.
Shop around … because of the times I hear they are popular. I’ve used in a serious look for a VW camper before.

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I have a van for sale. let me know if it works for you, we can negotiate a price. it won’t let me ad the link…you can email me at rdavid8 at gmail


I don’t have anything to add, I just want to get any updates you may receive. I am also looking to get a van and convert it so I am interested in the discussion.