Cover Suggestions

Hi all,

I’m new to this forum, but have been a van owner for 5 years (2004 E-350 Sportsmobile). My van is mostly an around town weekend beach cruiser, that I take on an occasional camping trip. I joined this forum to see if other van owners share a frustration of mine.

Is anyone else annoyed at how quickly their rig gets dirty while just sitting outside? (I assume the vast majority are parked outside) Within a week of a wash it’s filthy again. There’s no way I would hassle with a full van cover, but does anyone have a suggestion (or care??)? All opinions welcome!

Thank you!

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I don’t worry about it. I simply clean the windows and mirrors before going out.


I tend to just let mine go until it gets bad, which isn’t to often since it’s my driver, but I wait until it’s raining, then I can just use my brush on it, no soap or anything needed, and the rain in turn rinses it off really well.


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