Countertop Depth

Hi all -

Just wondering what depth most of you who are building out your van are using for a cabinets/countertops. It seems like 24"-25" deep is common. IKEA counter cabinets are about 24.5" deep. (I am in a Sprinter 170 ext if that makes any difference.)

Any feedback on what you are doing will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance…

Just used standard cabinets from Lowes and added countertops and a sink- works perfect.

Yep we just used whatever was standard, a piece of butcher block from home depot. Out lower cabinets are around 22-23 inches and the top are about 12 inches.

If you build yourself look into kreg jigs to make building the cabinets and drawers a lot easier. We would have used cabinets from Lowe’s too but then we were either left with or had to work around their already set size.